Conference programme

A pdf of the full conference programme, including presenters and titles, is available here (opens a new window).

Friday 29th January, 2016 Alexander Building, Thornlea


Events & Locations

13.30-14.00 Registration, Tea & Coffee (Entrance Foyer)
14.00-14.15 Welcome Address (TS2)
14.15-15.45 Panel 1 (TS2) – Phenomenological Experience

N. Eda Ercin; Dr Holly Maples; Rebecca McCutcheon

15.45-17.15 Keynote (TS2)

Dr Josephine Machon: ‘Audience. Experience. Desires.’

17.15-17.45 Wine Reception (Upstairs Foyer)
17.45-18.45 Coney, work in development: REMOTE (TS1)

 Scratch Performance, followed by Q&A with Tassos Stevens

19.00 Walk to Conference Dinner (Gather in Downstairs Foyer)
19.30 Conference Dinner (ASK, Cathedral Green)Delegates must have booked to attend the dinner through the online registration page.

Saturday 30th January 2016, Alexander Building, Thornlea


Events & Locations

9.00-9.30 Tea & Coffee (Upstairs Foyer)
9.30-10.15 Keynote Artist (TS1)

 Tassos Stevens: ‘MAKING PLAY?

10.15-11.45 Panel 2 (TS1) – Play / Game

Dr Joanna Jayne Bucknall; Francine Dulong; Philipp J. Ehmann

Panel 3 (TS2) – The Work of the Performer

Sami Henrik Haapala; Natalie Heller; Outi Condit

11.45-12.00 Tea & Coffee (Upstairs Foyer)
12.00-13.30 Panel 4 (TS1) – Power & Agency

Russell Anderson; Astrid Breel; Dr Kirsty Sedgman

Panel 5 (*TS3*) – The Space Between

María Gabriela López Yánez; Josiah Pearsall; Angela Woodhouse & Caroline Broadhead

13.30-14.30 Lunch (Upstairs Foyer)

Research posters on display (Upstairs Corridor)

Performance Installations: (TS4 & TS5)

Bees: the ColonyJames Macpherson

Dis-assembling her body N. Eda Ercin


14.30-16.00 Panel 6 (TS1) – Political Economy

James Macpherson; Jennifer Duffy; Sarah Elizabeth Bartley

Panel 7 (TS2) – Digital Culture

Amitesh Grover; Laura MacDonald & Jonathan Evans; Paula Crutchlow

16.00-16.15 Tea & Coffee (Upstairs Foyer)
16.15-17.00 Keynote (TS1)

Dr Adam Alston: ‘Errant immersion: mistakes and accidental transgression in immersive theatre

17.00-17.30 Round Table Discussion and Conference Close (TS1)