Shared Boundaries of Experience

Outi Condit (University of Arts, Helsinki)

In this paper peppered by a short demonstration I approach the difference between acting in a proscenium theatre or a similar arrangement and acting in participatory, interactive or immersive contexts through the idea of (bodily) techniques as shared boundaries of experience. Looking at how agency and experience are distributed through techniques used or introduced by the actor functions as an entry point for my artistic research as a doctoral student in the Theatre Academy of the University of Arts Helsinki. I examine the actor’s artistic agency in a participatory or interactive framework, by which I mean hybrid postdramatic performance pieces influenced by performance and live art.

I will use case examples of techniques, scores and exercises that I have used in performance pieces to invite interaction or facilitate experience. I will look at them through lenses of power and play. What kind of possibilities do they offer? What kind of structures are immanent to them? How does the aesthetic experience come into being through them?

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